SHOE POWER – Energy to harness !

Tomas Bata was a man who possessed this key. He was the ninth generation in a family clan of shoemakers from the town of Ziln, in what was then Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia. Tomas and his brother founded a shoemaking “factory” in their house at Ziln in 1894 with two sewing machines and some hand tools.

Despite this rather modest beginning, Tomas’s ambition was to transform shoemaking from a cottage handicraft into a modern industry run with shoe machinery. Inspired by the American system of mechanized production, which he studied during two visits to the United States, and by Henry Ford’s idea of an inexpensive car for the masses,
Bata dreamed of producing shoes in quantities large enough and at prices low enough to shod the feet of all humanity. By the end of World War I, he had built up a medium-sized shoe industry employing 2,000 workers
and producing a half-million pairs of shoes annually, part of which was exported to other European countries.

In 1922 Europe was in the midst of the first great postwar depression, which drastically cut Czechoslovakia’s export trade, creating widespread unemployment throughout the country. The newly formed Czech government
adopted a policy of tight monetary controls to fight inflation on the home front, resulting in a 75 percent devaluation in the currency in a single year. As a result of these factors, demand fell, purchasing power declined, and exports decreased to a fraction of their former level. Debtors, which included most businesses that had expanded on bank credit during the war, were suddenly faced with high levels of debt and falling incomes.
Production declined. Layoffs multiplied. More than 400,000 Czechs were unemployed. Bata’s business suffered badly. His exports dropped by 75 percent. Stocks were accumulating until his warehouses were full to
overflowing. There was enormous pressure to cut production and lay off workers.
In August of 1922 the national manufacturers’ association of Czechoslovakia called an urgent meeting of its members to discuss the government’s policies and formulate recommendations to avert economic disaster.
Those who attended felt they were helpless victims of external forces and government actions. They were nearly unanimous in condemning the government and demanding relief, but none could propose a viable
solution to the problems facing the nation.

On the second day of the conference. Tomas Bata rose to speak. Bata saw the futility of the government’s policy and industry’s response to it. He believed that some radically new strategy was needed to break the vicious cycle of economic decline. He was a man who firmly believed in seizing adversity by the horns and wrestling it into submission. He was also motivated by a deep sense of commitment to the thousands of people who depended on him for their livelihood and very survival. When Bata addressed the conference, he did not
strike the familiar refrain demanding government action. Rather, he called on the business community to act courageously for its own preservation. He ended his speech with a dramatic announcement that startled the entire gathering. Bata refused to lay off a single worker. He chose instead to seize the initiative and act decisively. The first necessity was to stimulate market demand. “Gentlemen,” he said, “we are going to cut the prices of our shoes in half and we are going to sell them for half the present price.”6 Bata’s announcement
brought a hushed silence, which was followed by squeals of derisive laughter. He was dismissed as a lunatic or a fool. How could a company cut its prices by 50 percent and survive? How could it ever repay its creditors by
lowering prices?

Bata returned to Ziln and explained his radical decision to his employees. It was the only possible solution to save the company and preserve their jobs. All costs had to be reduced to the absolute minimum. Waste of all description had to be completely eradicated. Efficiency and productivity had to be raised to much greater levels.
He imposed across-the-board 40 percent wage cuts for all employees, despite the opposition of a powerful union, but he promised to supply all workers and their families with food, clothing, and other necessities at half
the present price to ensure their maintenance. He divided his factory into profit centers and promised incentives for higher productivity. Having put his internal operations on a war footing, Bata launched a national poster
advertising campaign depicting a huge fist crushing the Czech word drahota, which represented the high cost of living.
The public response was overwhelming. Shoe stores that had been languishing for months were suddenly invaded by mobs of people seeking an affordable pair of shoes. Police had to be called in to restore order and
regulate traffic. Orders poured into the warehouses until they were almost empty of stock. The workshops were geared up to full production capacity. Within a week, the sense of uncertainty and despair was replaced by one
of urgency, excitement, and purpose. In the coming months Bata not only maintained full employment but actually started to expand. He continuously introduced improved production techniques, administrative systems,
and employee incentives to increase productivity.

Over the next five years, employment in Bata’s factories more than doubled, and production multiplied 15-fold. Between 1922 and 1932 the average retail price of Bata shoes fell by 82 percent, while wages in Bata factories
rose by 200 percent. Like Henry Ford, Bata succeeded in producing so efficiently that a former luxury became accessible to the masses for the first time. By 1928 Bata operated the largest tanneries, shoe-making factories,
and shoe machinery industry on earth. Czechoslovakia led the world in footwear exports, and the Czech people were the best shod in Europe.
During this period Bata succeeded in releasing enormous energies latent within his small company and in tapping equally great energies from the world around him. He was a man who knew how to mobilize some of the infinite powers of an organization.


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Charlie Bunger


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ATEX directive

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The ATEX directive 2014/34/EU is a European Directive and falls within the scope of CE Marking. It applies to mechanical and electrical equipment to be used  in potentially explosive atmospheres. This guide describes how to comply with the Directive.

Electrical and mechanical equipment which are designed to be installed and/or used in an explosive atmosphere may result in accidental explosions.

An explosive atmosphere is one with inflammable gases, vapours, mists and/or dust suspended in air. Electrical and mechanical equipment may ignite such an atmosphere, if appropriate measures are not taken.

This directive covers any equipment and/or protective system which is intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as any safety, controlling or regulating device designed to promote safe functioning of the equipment or protective system.

According to 94/9/EC, equipment are categorised into the following categories:
Category I, may be used in Zone 0
Category II, may be used in Zone 1
Category III, may be used in Zone 2
Please note that ALL equipment within a classified area (zone) must be marked and meet the
requirements of the directive.
Category I equipment must be certified and approved by a third party, for example BASEFA,
TÜV or similar.
Category II and III can be evaluated and classified by the manufacturer

According to the 1999/92/EC all Bodyshops must classify the work areas, i.e. divide the
areas into zones. The areas are divided into three different zones:
Name Description
• Zone 0 “EX” atmosphere present continuously, for long periods or often
• Zone 1 “EX” atmosphere expected to occur occasionally under normal conditions.
• Zone 2 “EX” atmosphere not expected under normal conditions, and if present only
under a short period of time

There are two ATEX directives:
• 94/9/EC Covers the equipment requirements for all “EX”-areas.
• 1999/92/EC Covers the safety and protection of workers in “EX” areas


Effebi, high quality ball valves from Italy

Effebi is an Italian manufacturer of ball valves in steel, stainless steel and brass. With 20 years’ experience, the company offers a vast range of innovative yet proven ball valves. Thanks to an integrated production process which begins with the careful selection of raw materials, Effebi has become a leader in the Italian and international markets and a reference for valve quality, reliability, competence and customer care. Since June 2002 Effebi has manufactured all its valves according to the requirements of the European Directive 97/23/ CE and, where necessary the valve bodies are CE marked. Effebi offers customers all the most important certificates and declarations relating to ball valves, including DVGW (for gases and drinking water), TUV, TA-LUFT, Fire Safe, Atex, declarations of conformity, FDA approvals for seats and other approvals (f.i. DNV or Lloyd’s approved foundries). More than 50 certifications and approvals demonstrate the quality and reliability of the Effebi products. One of the biggest strengths of Effebi is the possibility to produce and customize the valves according to the customer’s demand, along with highly trained staff, able to give to customers the right technical support and one-day answers. Effebi ball valves are suitable for all the most important industrial applications. The Effebi range includes manual and pneumatically or electrically actuated 2- and 3- way ball valves with threaded, flanged and welded connections. Materials of construction are carbon steel A105 or LF2. Stainless steel includes AISI316, AISI316L and AISI304. Also a very wide range of technical ball valves in brass is available, manual or with actuator, as well as cast iron butterfly valves.

The choice of pressure ratings is very wide, according to the execution from PN10 to PN100 for the wafer, split-wafer and flanged types and up to PN420 for the threaded and welded types.Temperature range goes from -40° to +260°. Among the new products, the new range of ball valves in the pressure classes PN100 and ANSI600 in the wafer and split-wafer execution. The sizes go from DN15 to DN100. The materials available are A105, LF2, AISI304 and AISI316. Under development are also the ANSI600 flanged ball valves. A new range of threaded or flanged three way valves with 4 seats in Aisi316L, manual or with Iso top is also available. Special executions include: standard painting treatment, special painting treatment according to customer’s specifications, zinc plating treatment, degreased valves for oxygen, integral seats for the food or paint industry, special valves’ marking, tag numbers or packing according to customer’s specifications. The possibilities of special products also include valves with heating jacket, flanges’ surface finishing according to customer’s specifications, spindle extensions, locking devices, gear boxes, mounting kits according to customer’s actuator connection, raw materials from DNV or LLoyd’s approved foundries.

The Effebi range also includes a very wide range of electrically or pneumatically actuated ball valves, in brass, steel and stainless steel, including accessories like solenoid valves (standard or ATEX), limit switches (standard or ATEX), electro pneumatic positioners, pressure reducers, emergency gear boxes and emergency batteries. Also compact electric actuators for special executions can be offered.



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Exports is a way OUT


Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is a special economic zone in Chennai, India. It is one of the seven export processing zones in the country set up by the central government of India.

Spread over an area of 265 acres (109 hectares), MEPZ SEZ is a multi-product zone housing 117 functional units.In addition, another 27 units are under various stages of implementation.The zone employs over 26,000 people. In the manufacturing front, there are 110 SME units in the zone. MEPZ’s manufacturing sector employs nearly 20,000 people.IT companies housed in the zone include Cognizant Technology Solutions, Computer Sciences Corporation, CSS and HTC Global Services among others.[

The top people are scouting who is a tortoise with initiative, not a hot headed rabbits

Self Discipline is Best health Practice !

Industry Creates wealth &employment and the essence of honor to a family . Rulers should stand behind this Fortress of armor to face all its discerns by People who have self interest to divert that Tamilans stand only for Films and Tasmac-Thiruvalluvam Kattiya Vazhi


They shall not be respected nor feared, and they shall lose their glory –
they who are in love with alcohol.
Consume not alcohol; consume if you will,
those who care not to be held highly by the noble.
Drunken revelry is horrid in front of your mother;
how would it seem in front of the esteemed?
The good lady, Sense of Shame, will turn her back on
those despicably guilty of being drunk.
They have no sense of consequences,
those who pay to lose their senses.
One who is asleep is no different from the dead;
one who consumes…

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See the essence of Kural 332:“Like a crowd that assembles for a drama, money accumulates slowly,Like the crowd disperses at the end, money disappears suddenly.
கூத்தாட் டவைக்குழாத் தற்றே பெருஞ்செல்வம்
போக்கும் அருவிளிந் தற்று. ( 332)

Thiruvalluvar explains this with a beautiful example:

“In a drama hall people gather one by one for a long period to attend a show. After the show, the crowd suddenly disperse in no time. Like this money saved little by little for a long period will suddenly disappear by some  major expense.”THE MORE THE MONEY YOU HAVE, THE MORE IS THE EXPENSE

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The Way of Peace – James Allen

Do you seek to know and to realize Truth? Then you must be prepared to sacrifice, to renounce to the uttermost, for Truth in all its glory can only be perceived and known when the last vestige of self has disappeared.

The eternal Christ declared that he who would be His disciple must “deny himself daily.” Are you willing to deny yourself, to give up your lusts, your prejudices, your opinions? If so, you may enter the narrow way of Truth, and find that peace from which the world is shut out. The absolute denial, the utter extinction, of self is the perfect state of Truth, and all religions and philosophies are but so many aids to this supreme attainment.

Self is the denial of Truth. Truth is the denial of self. As you let self die, you will be reborn in Truth. As you cling to self, Truth will be hidden from you.

Whilst you cling to self, your path will be beset with difficulties, and repeated pains, sorrows, and disappointments will be your lot. There are no difficulties in Truth, and coming to Truth, you will be freed from all sorrow and disappointment.

Truth is the one Reality in the universe, the inward Harmony, the perfect Justice, the eternal Love. Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It does not depend upon any man, but all men depend upon it. You cannot perceive the beauty of Truth while you are looking out through the eyes of self. If you are vain, you will color everything with your own vanities. If lustful, your heart and mind will be so clouded with the smoke and flames of passion, that everything will appear distorted through them. If proud and opinionative, you will see nothing in the whole universe except the magnitude and importance of your own opinions.

There is one quality which pre-eminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is _humility_. To be not only free from vanity, stubbornness and egotism, but to regard one’s own opinions as of no value, this indeed is true humility.