ATEX directive

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The ATEX directive 2014/34/EU is a European Directive and falls within the scope of CE Marking. It applies to mechanical and electrical equipment to be used  in potentially explosive atmospheres. This guide describes how to comply with the Directive.

Electrical and mechanical equipment which are designed to be installed and/or used in an explosive atmosphere may result in accidental explosions.

An explosive atmosphere is one with inflammable gases, vapours, mists and/or dust suspended in air. Electrical and mechanical equipment may ignite such an atmosphere, if appropriate measures are not taken.

This directive covers any equipment and/or protective system which is intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as any safety, controlling or regulating device designed to promote safe functioning of the equipment or protective system.

According to 94/9/EC, equipment are categorised into the following categories:
Category I, may be used in Zone 0
Category II, may be used in Zone 1
Category III, may be used in Zone 2
Please note that ALL equipment within a classified area (zone) must be marked and meet the
requirements of the directive.
Category I equipment must be certified and approved by a third party, for example BASEFA,
TÜV or similar.
Category II and III can be evaluated and classified by the manufacturer

According to the 1999/92/EC all Bodyshops must classify the work areas, i.e. divide the
areas into zones. The areas are divided into three different zones:
Name Description
• Zone 0 “EX” atmosphere present continuously, for long periods or often
• Zone 1 “EX” atmosphere expected to occur occasionally under normal conditions.
• Zone 2 “EX” atmosphere not expected under normal conditions, and if present only
under a short period of time

There are two ATEX directives:
• 94/9/EC Covers the equipment requirements for all “EX”-areas.
• 1999/92/EC Covers the safety and protection of workers in “EX” areas


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