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Content is King

The quote “content is king” – Bill Gates 1996. In it, he said the future of the Internet depends emphasis on content. The major success of websites depends on content. A website must offer content that meets the demands of users, and it should be optimized for original search words, how people will search


You can make a Market for yourselves and Serve with good products and Services.

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The FESTO DFPD series features a rack and pinion combination with a constant torque characteristic across the entire swivel range. The quarter turn actuators DFPD are perfect for automating your butterfly valves, ball valves and air shut off valves. Uniform torque characteristic across the entire rotation angle of 90° with the double-acting version

The actuator Features Sturdy, non-slip, and easy-to-clean aluminum housing, Long service life, low wear Increased corrosion protection.

Actuators are available in Stock / faster door deliveries in UAE – #Mechatronics Industrial Equipment LLC

Mechatronics Industrial Equipment llc



FESTO Limit switch boxes SRBC are used for electrical feedback and control of the position of process valves actuated using pneumatic quarter turn actuators. They can be mounted quickly and easily on quarter turn actuators with a port pattern to VDI/VDE 3845 using mounting adapters. The sturdy design of the limit switch box
SRBC is ideal for the harsh conditions in process automation.



Available and Stocked in UAE

Mechatronics Industrial Equipment llc


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ATEX directive

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The ATEX directive 2014/34/EU is a European Directive and falls within the scope of CE Marking. It applies to mechanical and electrical equipment to be used  in potentially explosive atmospheres. This guide describes how to comply with the Directive.

Electrical and mechanical equipment which are designed to be installed and/or used in an explosive atmosphere may result in accidental explosions.

An explosive atmosphere is one with inflammable gases, vapours, mists and/or dust suspended in air. Electrical and mechanical equipment may ignite such an atmosphere, if appropriate measures are not taken.

This directive covers any equipment and/or protective system which is intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as any safety, controlling or regulating device designed to promote safe functioning of the equipment or protective system.

According to 94/9/EC, equipment are categorised into the following categories:
Category I, may be used in Zone 0
Category II, may be used in Zone 1
Category III, may be used in Zone 2
Please note that ALL equipment within a classified area (zone) must be marked and meet the
requirements of the directive.
Category I equipment must be certified and approved by a third party, for example BASEFA,
TÜV or similar.
Category II and III can be evaluated and classified by the manufacturer

According to the 1999/92/EC all Bodyshops must classify the work areas, i.e. divide the
areas into zones. The areas are divided into three different zones:
Name Description
• Zone 0 “EX” atmosphere present continuously, for long periods or often
• Zone 1 “EX” atmosphere expected to occur occasionally under normal conditions.
• Zone 2 “EX” atmosphere not expected under normal conditions, and if present only
under a short period of time

There are two ATEX directives:
• 94/9/EC Covers the equipment requirements for all “EX”-areas.
• 1999/92/EC Covers the safety and protection of workers in “EX” areas


Effebi, high quality ball valves from Italy

Effebi is an Italian manufacturer of ball valves in steel, stainless steel and brass. With 20 years’ experience, the company offers a vast range of innovative yet proven ball valves. Thanks to an integrated production process which begins with the careful selection of raw materials, Effebi has become a leader in the Italian and international markets and a reference for valve quality, reliability, competence and customer care. Since June 2002 Effebi has manufactured all its valves according to the requirements of the European Directive 97/23/ CE and, where necessary the valve bodies are CE marked. Effebi offers customers all the most important certificates and declarations relating to ball valves, including DVGW (for gases and drinking water), TUV, TA-LUFT, Fire Safe, Atex, declarations of conformity, FDA approvals for seats and other approvals (f.i. DNV or Lloyd’s approved foundries). More than 50 certifications and approvals demonstrate the quality and reliability of the Effebi products. One of the biggest strengths of Effebi is the possibility to produce and customize the valves according to the customer’s demand, along with highly trained staff, able to give to customers the right technical support and one-day answers. Effebi ball valves are suitable for all the most important industrial applications. The Effebi range includes manual and pneumatically or electrically actuated 2- and 3- way ball valves with threaded, flanged and welded connections. Materials of construction are carbon steel A105 or LF2. Stainless steel includes AISI316, AISI316L and AISI304. Also a very wide range of technical ball valves in brass is available, manual or with actuator, as well as cast iron butterfly valves.

The choice of pressure ratings is very wide, according to the execution from PN10 to PN100 for the wafer, split-wafer and flanged types and up to PN420 for the threaded and welded types.Temperature range goes from -40° to +260°. Among the new products, the new range of ball valves in the pressure classes PN100 and ANSI600 in the wafer and split-wafer execution. The sizes go from DN15 to DN100. The materials available are A105, LF2, AISI304 and AISI316. Under development are also the ANSI600 flanged ball valves. A new range of threaded or flanged three way valves with 4 seats in Aisi316L, manual or with Iso top is also available. Special executions include: standard painting treatment, special painting treatment according to customer’s specifications, zinc plating treatment, degreased valves for oxygen, integral seats for the food or paint industry, special valves’ marking, tag numbers or packing according to customer’s specifications. The possibilities of special products also include valves with heating jacket, flanges’ surface finishing according to customer’s specifications, spindle extensions, locking devices, gear boxes, mounting kits according to customer’s actuator connection, raw materials from DNV or LLoyd’s approved foundries.

The Effebi range also includes a very wide range of electrically or pneumatically actuated ball valves, in brass, steel and stainless steel, including accessories like solenoid valves (standard or ATEX), limit switches (standard or ATEX), electro pneumatic positioners, pressure reducers, emergency gear boxes and emergency batteries. Also compact electric actuators for special executions can be offered.



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