Exports is a way OUT


Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is a special economic zone in Chennai, India. It is one of the seven export processing zones in the country set up by the central government of India.

Spread over an area of 265 acres (109 hectares), MEPZ SEZ is a multi-product zone housing 117 functional units.In addition, another 27 units are under various stages of implementation.The zone employs over 26,000 people. In the manufacturing front, there are 110 SME units in the zone. MEPZ’s manufacturing sector employs nearly 20,000 people.IT companies housed in the zone include Cognizant Technology Solutions, Computer Sciences Corporation, CSS and HTC Global Services among others.[



The top people are scouting who is a tortoise with initiative, not a hot headed rabbits

Self Discipline is Best health Practice !

Industry Creates wealth &employment and the essence of honor to a family . Rulers should stand behind this Fortress of armor to face all its discerns by People who have self interest to divert that Tamilans stand only for Films and Tasmac-Thiruvalluvam Kattiya Vazhi


They shall not be respected nor feared, and they shall lose their glory –
they who are in love with alcohol.
Consume not alcohol; consume if you will,
those who care not to be held highly by the noble.
Drunken revelry is horrid in front of your mother;
how would it seem in front of the esteemed?
The good lady, Sense of Shame, will turn her back on
those despicably guilty of being drunk.
They have no sense of consequences,
those who pay to lose their senses.
One who is asleep is no different from the dead;
one who consumes…

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See the essence of Kural 332:“Like a crowd that assembles for a drama, money accumulates slowly,Like the crowd disperses at the end, money disappears suddenly.
கூத்தாட் டவைக்குழாத் தற்றே பெருஞ்செல்வம்
போக்கும் அருவிளிந் தற்று. ( 332)

Thiruvalluvar explains this with a beautiful example:

“In a drama hall people gather one by one for a long period to attend a show. After the show, the crowd suddenly disperse in no time. Like this money saved little by little for a long period will suddenly disappear by some  major expense.”THE MORE THE MONEY YOU HAVE, THE MORE IS THE EXPENSE

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The Way of Peace – James Allen

Do you seek to know and to realize Truth? Then you must be prepared to sacrifice, to renounce to the uttermost, for Truth in all its glory can only be perceived and known when the last vestige of self has disappeared.

The eternal Christ declared that he who would be His disciple must “deny himself daily.” Are you willing to deny yourself, to give up your lusts, your prejudices, your opinions? If so, you may enter the narrow way of Truth, and find that peace from which the world is shut out. The absolute denial, the utter extinction, of self is the perfect state of Truth, and all religions and philosophies are but so many aids to this supreme attainment.

Self is the denial of Truth. Truth is the denial of self. As you let self die, you will be reborn in Truth. As you cling to self, Truth will be hidden from you.

Whilst you cling to self, your path will be beset with difficulties, and repeated pains, sorrows, and disappointments will be your lot. There are no difficulties in Truth, and coming to Truth, you will be freed from all sorrow and disappointment.

Truth is the one Reality in the universe, the inward Harmony, the perfect Justice, the eternal Love. Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It does not depend upon any man, but all men depend upon it. You cannot perceive the beauty of Truth while you are looking out through the eyes of self. If you are vain, you will color everything with your own vanities. If lustful, your heart and mind will be so clouded with the smoke and flames of passion, that everything will appear distorted through them. If proud and opinionative, you will see nothing in the whole universe except the magnitude and importance of your own opinions.

There is one quality which pre-eminently distinguishes the man of Truth from the man of self, and that is _humility_. To be not only free from vanity, stubbornness and egotism, but to regard one’s own opinions as of no value, this indeed is true humility.