Your clumsiness comes down!

Mind is clearer !

Health gains!

Life is happy!

You are treated better by others !

You rise in life earlier !

Your income trebles !

Unmarried girls get married!

New rules come to bestow unexpected gains !

Quarreling in families abates !

You get employed !

Feel happier !

Rewards come your way !

You score against rivals!

Recognition is greater !

Diseases disappear !

Constantly people exclaim, “Where was I, where am I now, it is unimaginable!” !

Tempers calm down!

You become a better person !

Acquire new capacities !

You are invited on foreign tours !

Irresponsible children turn around !

Intimidating management becomes soliciting superiors !

Coercive partners quit !

Miserly partners buy you shares with their money !

Abandoned projects come to life, a nobody becomes a VIP !

Life prolongs after decreed years !

Incorrigible bad habits fall off !

Lost speech is restored !

A mere volunteer becomes a chief minister !

The greatest of dangers turns into the greatest of opportunities !

Lost wealth is restored in greater measure !

Properties offered for sale get thrice the price !

Annual incomes become monthly income and later daily income !

Low level employees rise to be top level executives !

Last level worker rises to become a CEO !

Final tragedies in life disappear in seconds catapulting you into the limelight !

You end up buying 300 acres having aimed at owning one acre !

Record prices greet your produce !

Unforeseeable help brings in unimaginable abundance !

Complicated arrangements work out smoothly !

Unrealised ambitions given up decades ago come to life yielding results !

Life brings in the whole when you aspire for a part !

Uncultured relations put up acceptable behaviour !

Hostile society calms down into an admiring one !

Sickness disappears from the family !

Accidents disappear from vehicles and factories !

Strikes are forgotten by your workers !

Employers lose the attitude of exploitation !

Bankrupt divisions come to life !

Truant children become regular and rise to the top !

Vain people become sober !

Sight lost 20 years ago is restored in full !

Water appears in wells given up as dry !

Arch enemies acclaim your accomplishments!

Longed for posts are now offered to you !

You become dominant in situations where you were submissive!

Invitations come from heads of administration and heads of state !

Journals solicit articles from one who has never published !

Rewards given at the end of career are offered at its beginning !

Retarded children improve enough to marry !

Neglected children become popular !

Timid men turn into respected leaders !

Coolies become community leaders !

A thief becomes a wealthy trader !

Copious rain comes in the middle of summer to save the crop from a pump breakdown !

You get a house in hours in a city where it takes months !

Opposite lawyer discloses favourable facts !

A plot turns against those who hatched it !

Dismissal orders are dismissed at once !

Letters with no address reach safely !

Money lent to rogues is recovered !

Offensive spouse becomes pleasant companion !

Poor father is able to conduct three marriages in three years !

Offensive boss is compelled by his superior to write favourable reports cancelling bad reports !

Admission to medical college is secured without effort !


SALESMANSHIP-Four Minute by Crane


Every young man should some time in his life have experience in salesmanship.

Selling goods is the best known cure for those elements in a man that tend to make him a failure.

The art of success consists in making people change their minds. It is this power that makes the efficient lawyer, grocer, politician, or preacher.

There are two classes of men. One seeks employment in a position where he merely obeys the rules and carries out the desires of his employer. There is little or no opportunity for advancement in this work. You get to a certain point and there you stick.

Such posts are a clerkship in a bank, a government job, such as letter-carrier, a place in the police force, or any other routine employment requiring no initiative. These kinds of work are entirely honorable and necessary. The difficulty is, they are cramping, limiting.

Some day you may have to take a position of this sort, but first try your hand at selling things.

Be a book-agent, peddle washing-machines, sell life-insurance, automobiles, agricultural implements, or peanuts.

You shrink from it because it is hard, it goes against the grain, as you are not a pushing sort of fellow. And that is the very reason you need it.

Salesmanship is strong medicine. You have to go out and wrestle with a cold and hostile world. You are confronted with indifference, often contempt. You are considered a nuisance. That is the time for you to buck up, take off your coat, and go in and win.

A young lawyer will gain more useful knowledge of men and affairs by selling real estate or fire-insurance than by law-school.

I have just read a letter from an office man fifty-seven years old. He has lodged at $1,600 a year for twenty years, while two of the salesmen who entered the business about the time he did own the concern.

Get out and sell goods. Hustle. Fight. Don’t get fastened in one hole. Take chances. Come up smiling. So the best and biggest prizes in America are open to you.

Selling things, commercialism, business, is not a low affair; it is a great, big, bully game. It is a thoroughly American game, and the most sterling qualities of Americanism are developed by it, when it is carried on fairly and humanely.

There is incitement in it for all your best self, for your honesty, perseverance, optimism, courage, loyalty, and religion. Nowhere does a MAN mean so much.

I mean to cast no slurs upon faithful occupants of posts of routine. They have their reward.

But, son, don’t look for a “safe” place. Don’t depend upon an organization to hold your job for you. Don’t scheme and wire-pull for influence and help and privilege.

Get out and peddle maps. Make people buy your chickens or your essays. Get in the game. It beats football.